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St Arnaud, Nelson Lakes

Wily Weka 2022

The 2022 instalment of the super popular Wily Weka! 

This years' event has been many years in the making and NOC are very excited to bring you the Nelson Lakes in all its glory.

The Event Centre will be located at the Lake Rotoiti Community Hall. There is limited parking at the event centre. Please park within the village. Registration, briefing & prize giving will occur here.

Entry fees: (Member - Non member)
Junior $20 - $30
Adult $35 - $45
Family $90 Maximum

Male, Female & Mixed, Junior or Adult

08:00 - Registration Opens
09:15 - Briefing
10:00 - Start 1000
4 Hour Foot Rogaine
1400 - Finish

The Start and Finish will be at Kerr Bay on the large grassy area west of Black Stream. This is a 20 minute walk from the event centre where registration and download will be..

During the event the village and roads as well as the main road will be out of bounds and uncrossable. This will be marked on the map with pink hatching. It is important that this is adhered to.

As the event is happening in an alpine area with fast changing weather it is important that people are prepared for the duration of the event. Whistles must be carried by all team members.

Sign Up Here (Entries Close Midnight 7th September)

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